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Kindergarten Orientation


We are so excited to meet our 2023 Kindergarten students! We have produced a series of videos to show our new students some of the great things that happen here at big school.
An Acknowledgment can be given by an Indigenous or non-Indigenous person. It's an opportunity to introduce yourself and to show the respect you have for the country, the people and water you're on. Unlike a Welcome to Country, an Acknowledgment usually involves a speech. The Aboriginal name for Shellharbour has been recorded as both Yerrowah (meeting place), and Wonwin (plenty of fish) and I can think of few better meeting places than under the vast canopy of the Moreton Bay fig which features so prominently in our playground. For our Kindergarten Orientation, local teacher and Vice President of the AECG, Rachael Morgan, delivers an Acknowledgement of Country.


In our first video you will meet some of our teachers and current Kindergarten students. You will see what our classrooms look like and our playground too!


In video 2 you will meet our lovely office staff, visit our canteen and library as well as our uniform shop. We show you some pictures of special events that happen each year and introduce you to our Year 5 students who will be your buddies!

One of our favourite things to do is to listen to stories and read books. In video 3 Mrs Dawson, our  Assistant Principal, reads one of our favourites: Where is the Green Sheep, by Mem Fox. Below you will find a link to a Where is the Green Sheep activity that you can complete at home after listening to the story. 

Sheet 1

Sheet 2

In our videos you have seen our Art Studio. All students from Kindergarten to Year 6 have weekly lessons in our Art Studio. In the following video our Art Teacher, Mrs Dyson, leads our new Kindergarten students through their first art activity. Make sure you keep your artwork and bring it with you when you come to school for orientation. 






Below you will find a gallery of some staff at 

Shellharbour Public School.


Mrs Dawson- Assistant Principal

Mrs Dawson is an Assistant Principal. 

Mrs Rowe- Classroom Teacher

Mrs Munro- Classroom Teacher

Mrs Rowe and Mrs Munro both teach Kindergarten classes. They are fantastic teachers who are kind, caring and helpful. You will love learning to read, write and count with them. Mums and Dads love talking with Mrs Downes, Mrs Rowe and Mrs Munro in the mornings and afternoons outside the Kindergarten classrooms. 

Mrs Vey- Learning Support Teacher

 Mrs Vey is our Learning Support Teacher. She works with  children to offer a little extra help if needed.

Mr Klein- Principal

Mrs Fretus- Office Manager

Mr Klein and Mrs Fretus work in the school office. They love when the Kindergarten students visit to read them stories or show them great work. They visit classrooms often to see the great work our Kindergarten students are doing.

Mrs Ross- Administration

When you visit our office you will also meet Mrs Ross and Mrs Appleton. When Mums and Dads call the school they will talk with Mrs Ross or Mrs Appleton first. 

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