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About our school

Our school has been a feature of the Shellharbour community for 157 years. The association between our school and its community has been characterised by high levels of community involvement in the life of the school. This involvement currently includes the ongoing support of educational programs, participation in decision making and exceptional fundraising activities. Likewise, our students are encouraged to be involved in numerous community endeavours. Our students have a constant presence in community activities like Clean Up Australia Day, ANZAC Day services, Remembrance Day services and Reconciliation activities.

Our school strives to provide an interesting and challenging curriculum for all students. Maximising student performance in the enabling Key Learning Areas of English, Mathematics and Science; providing real opportunities to apply new learning in the other Key Learning Areas and providing opportunities for re-creation through the Creative and Performing Arts and Personal Development Health and Physical Education are priorities. Our school also recognises that the basic skills of the past must be enhanced by the development of the basic skills of the future. With this being the case, dedicated technology lessons conducted in our computer laboratory are a component of each class program and Interactive Whiteboards are a feature of every classroom. The Computer Laboratory lessons ensure that students are exposed to a sequence of ICT skills of increasing complexity and utility.

Extensive support programs are developed for children identified with special needs, including those children who have the ability to be extended or who have particular skills. These programs are monitored by an experienced Learning Support Team. The school strives to develop independence and well developed interpersonal skills; an ability to respond positively to social and technological change; a commitment to health and fitness; and a commitment to lifelong learning.

We also believe that schools should offer social as well as intellectual leadership. An acceptance of this role means we base our day to day dealings with students and parents on a set of values characterised by integrity, excellence, respect, responsibility, cooperation and care. In a world that is eager to amplify the differences that set people apart, our school continues to reinforce the values and the shared aspirations that bind us together.

Dr John MacDonald

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